University projects funded through the NIH Research Evaluation and Commercialization Hub pilot program and MN-REACH, 2015-2018


Cycle 6 Awardees

Project: DBS as a multi-drug for brain tumors
PI: Clark Chen, MD/PhD

Project: Translation of novel fluoroquinolones with anti-colon cancer activity
PI: Hiroshi Hiasa, PhD

Project: Treatment of Malignant Brain Tumors with the Zika Virus as a Vaccine Adjuvant and Oncolytic Virus
PI: Walter Low, PhD

Project: T Cell Reactivation Immunotherapy for Tumors
PI: David Masopust, PhD

Project: Preventing Compassion Fatigue in Disaster-Responders: Advancing and Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Mobile Self-care App
PI: Tai J. Mendenhall, PhD, LMFT

Project: Directional Coordinated Reset Deep Brain Stimulation and A Novel Stimulation Strategy
PI: Jerrold Vitek, MD, PhD


Cycle 5 Awardees

Project: Incontinence-Associated Skin Damage Severity Assessment Instrument
PI: Donna Bliss, PhD

Project: Topical Application for Treating a Field of Multiple Actinic Keratotic Lesions
PI: Ann Bode, PhD

Project: Controlling Neuropathic Pain and Opioid Addiction by Novel Non-Opioid Analgesics
PI: Carolyn Fairbanks, PhD

Project: Tool for Endobronchial Biopsies of Peripheral Lung Nodules
PI: Michael Greminger, PhD

Project: Wearable Lactation Device
PI: Joseph Hale, PhD

Project: Preparing Heart and Mind: A Mobile & Web Application for Expectant Parents & Health Care Providers After Fetal Heart Disease Diagnosis
PI: Anne McKechnie, PhD

Project: Midbrain Organoid-Derived Cell Product for Treatment of Parkinson's Disease
PI: Timothy O’Brien, PhD/DVM

Project: of Novel Gut-Restricted Bile Acid Analogs that Inhibit C. Difficile Infection
PI: Michael Sadowsky, PhD

Project: Detection of Elevated Glycolysis by Targeted Metabolomics as a Biomarker for Pre-Invasive Breast Cancer
PI: Da-Qing Yang, PhD


Cycle 4 Awardees

Project: Toward a Robust Clinical Diagnostic Assay for the Microbiome
PI: Kenny B Beckman, PhD

Project: Novel methods for reversing dental caries in human enamel
PI: Alex Fok, PhD

Project: An innovative obstructive sleep apnea therapy and diagnostic tool
PI: Conrad Iber, MD

Project: Deep Brain Stimulation to Treat Intractable Sleep Disorders
PI: Gregory F. Molnar, PhD

Project: Intranasal delivery of benzodiazepine prodrug/enzyme combinations for seizure rescue
PI: Ronald Siegel, ScD


Cycle 3 Awardees

Project: Targeted Cardio-Cerebral Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenator (TC-ECMO)
PI: Arthur G. Erdman, PhD

Project: PET molecular imaging probe for epidermal growth factor receptor: Precision medicine in cancer treatment through patient stratification
PI: Benjamin Hackel, PhD

Project: Wristbot: A robotic system for the diagnosis and rehabilitation of sensory and motor dysfunction of the wrist and hand
PI: Jurgen Konczak, PhD

Project: Brain Enhanced Hearing Aid: Combining Somatosensory Neuromodulation with Sound Stimulation to Treat Tinnitus
PI: Hubert Lim, PhD

Project: A Composite Biomarker Score Computer Aided Diagnostic Device (CBS-CAD) for Improved Prostate Cancer Management with Quantitative Multiparametric MRI
PI: Gregory J. Metzger, PhD

Project: Commercialization of a Tissue-Engineered AV Graft
PI: Robert Tranquillo, PhD

Project: An imaging device to unveil, non-invasively, information linked to microscopic anatomical structures in human tissues for clinical diagnosis.
PI: Pierre-Francois Van de Moortele, MD/PhD

Project: Peripherally restricted opioid analgesic combination to minimize abuse liability
PI: George Wilcox, PhD


Cycle 2 Awardees

Project: CD8T cell immunotherapy to functionally cure HIV
PI: Pamela Skinner, PhD

Project: Instrumented urethral catheter for distributed pressure and EMG measurements
PI: Rajesh Rajamani, PhD

Project: MMG22, a potent analgesic for chronic inflammatory pain associated with metastatic/primary bone cancer
PI: Philip S. Portoghese, PhD

Project: Reducing sepsis-related mortality in cancer patients through microbiome therapy
PI: Dan Knights, PhD

Project: Stem Cell-derived islets for treatment of type 1 diabetes
PI: Meri Firpo, PhD

Project: Preparing Heart and MindTM: A Mobile and Web Application for Expectant Parents and Health Care Providers After Fetal Heart Disease Diagnosis
PI: Anne McKechnie, PhD


Cycle 1 Awardees

Project: 3D Shoulder Motion Measurement.
PI: Paula Ludewig, PhD

Project: Engaging human NK cells to kill cancer with trispecific biologics.
PI: Daniel Vallera, PhD

Project: Novel therapeutics for difficult to treat breast cancers.
PI: Venkatram Mereddy, PhD

Project: Rapid determination of antimicrobial susceptibility profile from a colony (rapid AST).
PI: Valerie Pierre, PhD

Project: U of M Food and Nutrition Database API to support mHealth, telehealth and wearableHealth applications.
PI: Lisa Harnack, PhD