Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Steps to Proposal Completion?

    1. Submit a preproposal during the Request for Application period (see Submit a Proposal page).
    2. If your preproposal is accepted you will be invited to submit a full proposal with MN-REACH assistance and resources, including 1:1 coaching to include the Office for Technology Commercialization, introduction to industry, regulatory and reimbursement experts, and skills development offerings.

Q. What level of research is required prior to applying?
A. Projects must be within a single step (or being within a "few clearly recognizable steps") of a commercial transaction (partnering/licensing or MN-IP funding) as determined by MN-REACH and the Office for Technology Commercialization (OTC). Investigators seeking guidance on their project eligibility are encouraged to contact MN-REACH.

Q. Who is eligible to apply?
A. Grants will be awarded to University PIs, who, with prior approval, may have external partners.

Q. Who is eligible to be Principal Investigator: faculty? staff? undergraduate student? graduate student? community member associated with UMN?
A.  PDF iconSee Regents Policy

Q. Does IP need to be owned by U of M?
A. Yes the MN-REACH’s purpose is to foster commercialization of University of Minnesota intellectual property (IP).  However, MN-REACH does allow partnerships with other Universities and subcontract relationships each with prior approval.  (refer to question 1) 

Q. Is it possible to submit a proposal for a drug/device that I am designing in collaboration with a faculty from another university who should necessarily be associated in the project?
A. Grants will be awarded to University PIs, who, with prior approval, may have external partners or Inter Institutional Agreements (IIA).  IIA agreements are facilitated by the Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC)  

Q. Who will own IP on partnership projects (U of M + External Organization)?
A. The University of Minnesota must be, at minimum, partial owner.  If University sold or licensed the IP and is no longer an owner, the project is ineligible. 

Q. Will MN-REACH funds be directed solely to University research groups? Can they be directed to a faculty member-owned start-up company?
A. No. 

Q. Where do I find the proposal questionnaire [forms]?
A. The pre-proposal form is available online [a link from MN-REACH website] only during the RFA period of each cycle (approximately 2.5-3 weeks following the cycle launch). The cycle launch dates are noted in the ‘schedule’ section. Contact the MN-REACH program: or 612-626-0818 if you have additional questions.  The full proposal form is provided to project teams invited to submit a full proposal.  It is attachment to the invitation letter. 

Q. I am having technical issues with the online pre-proposal form.
A. The pre-proposal form is managed through REDCap, a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases.  The form is designed with save and return feature so that a member of the MN-REACH team can view the form while in draft to assist with any technical issues or to offer guidance on a particular question or section.  Please contact MN-REACH staff for assistance: or 612-626-0818.

Q. How will proposals be evaluated? What are next steps? When will applicants be notified of awards?
A. Proposals will be evaluated via an established NIH-provided evaluation and ranking system.  If the pre-proposal meets the basic requirements and is deemed to be viable, the applicant will be invited to submit a full-proposal with coaching assistance provided through MN-REACH.   

Q. The pre-proposal form does not request a budget breakdown.  Will that be a requirement of the full-proposal form?
A. Yes, applicants will be required to submit a budget breakdown on the full-proposal submission.

Q. Can faculty salaries be charged against the grant?
A. Yes, a modest amount of the grant will be allowed to cover faculty salaries. 

Q. Are you providing any tools for linking academics with potential products and private entities?
A. On a case-by-case basis.  Please contact MN-REACH office to discuss your specific need.

Q.  What type of activities can be supported by MN-REACH funding?
A.  MN-REACH supports activities that further refine your innovative technology into a product that addresses an unmet medical need and moves this product closer to clinical application.  These activities are typically not supported by federal basic research grants and include but not limited to feasibility studies, prototype development, or proof-of-concept studies, In addition, MN-REACH funding can support activities conducted by external vendors such as market research, expertise consultation, and software development.  The MN-REACH coaches and mentors will work with you to find the most efficient use of funding.